Relieving of Misconceptions of Derivative Concept with Derive

Abdullah Kaplan, Mesut Ozturk, Mehmet Fatih Ocal

129 34


The purpose of this study is to determine students' learning levels in derivative subjects and their misconceptions. In addition, this study aims to compared to the effects of the computer based instruction and traditional instruction in resolving these misconceptions. For this purpose, 12th grade 70 students were chosen from high schools in Ağrı city with simple random sampling method. With the pre-test results, the misconceptions were determined and these misconceptions were tried to be relieving in two groups of students with computer based instruction and traditional instruction, separately. The result of the study showed that both the computer based instruction by using Derive software and traditional instruction methods were effective in resolving misconceptions that students constructed. However, it was found that the computer based instruction was more effective than traditional in relieving them. 


Derive, Misconception

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