A Literature Review: The Effect of Implementing Technology in a High School Mathematics Classroom

Daniel Murphy

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This study is a literature review to investigate the effects of implementing technology into a high school mathematics classroom. Mathematics has a hierarchical structure in learning and it is essential that students get a firm understanding of mathematics early in education.  Some students that miss beginning concepts may continue to struggle with mathematical computation and concepts throughout the educational experience.  One learning strategy that can be implemented throughout the curriculum that can help students succeed in mathematics is the use of technology in the pedagogy of the classroom.  To this end, this literature review is to stimulate reflection on the effect of using technology in the high school mathematics classroom since it can help engage students in the learning process, allow students to have a higher accuracy with computational tasks, help create a less-anxious mathematics environment for students, help motivate students, and help students get a deeper understanding of the mathematical content. 


Mathematics; Technology Integration; Engaging Students; Motivation; Curriculum

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