Evaluation of Teaching Practice Course Teachers According To Opinions of Math Teacher Candidates

Abdullah Surucu, Ali Unal, Atila Yildirim

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Teacher candidates earns to whom, why and where to teach theoretically through teaching profession knowledge lessons. And the skill to use the theoretical knowledge is learned through School Experience and Teaching Practice lessons in Turkey. In acquire these skills, the personal and professional characteristics of the practice teacher at the school where the teacher candidate had his internship are of importance. This research aims to determine the ideas of the teacher candidates who are studying elementary school math teaching about the personal and professional characteristics of the Teaching Practice lesson teachers. In line with this aim, the ideas of the teacher candidates were determined with regard to how they evaluated the practice teachers who are in charge of teaching practice lesson. The study group of the research consists of the senior students who are studying at Ahmet Keleşoğlu Faculty of Education at Necmettin Erbakan University. The data was collected with an unstructured interview in which the teacher candidates were asked to evaluate the practice teachers in personal and professional terms. The data were evaluated by making content analysis.


Math teacher candidate, Practice course teachers, Teaching practice course

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