A Historical Analysis of Primary Mathematics Curricula in Terms of Teaching Principles

Mehmet Fatih Ozmantar

301 133


This study carries out a comparative analysis of primary mathematics curricula put into practice during Turkish Republican period. The data for this study are composed of official curricula documents which are examined in terms of teaching principles. The study adopts a qualitative approach and employs document analysis method. The official documents are examined via content analysis technique. The analysis distinguishes a set of teaching principles envisioned to achieve effective mathematics instruction. A historical comparison of the principles indicates certain variations in the prescriptions of curricula documents as well as several features that remain unchanged throughout the Republican period. The importance of these principles for an effective mathematics teaching is discussed and certain suggestions for future curriculum development efforts have been presented.

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Ozmantar, M.F. (2017). A historical analysis of primary mathematics curricula in terms of teaching principles. International Journal of Research in Education and Science (IJRES), 3(2), 327-342.

DOI: 10.21890/ijres.327890


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