Exploring the Anxiety State of the Science Majoring International Graduate Students with Conditional Acceptance in the United States

Muhammet Mustafa Alpaslan, Bugrahan Yalvac

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As the conditionally accepted students enroll in the graduate courses, not having met the English proficiency requirement in their program yet creates a vulnerable state of mind for them. This phenomenological study explores the anxiety state of the conditionally admitted international students at a US higher institution. Six science and engineering graduate students who have not yet met the English proficiency requirement participated in one-on-one and semi-structural interviews. Findings indicate that the students were at high risk of anxiety and depression, and less motivated than their peers because of the ongoing fear of being unsuccessful if they do not receive the required TOEFL score, or its equivalent, in the given time. The study findings help explore the severity of the anxiety and the depression the international students experience as they continue working to succeed in their career. Future implications and directions were discussed.

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Alpaslan, M.M. & Yalvac, B. (2017). Exploring the anxiety state of the science majoring international graduate students with conditional acceptance in the United States. International Journal of Research in Education and Science (IJRES), 3(2), 614-623.



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