Supporting Mathematics Coaches’ Learning of Probability through Professional Development Tasks

Mary C Enderson, Melva R Grant, Yating Liu

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This study was conducted to propose a framework of professional development tasks (PDTs) that may be used to enhance mathematics coaches’ content knowledge and understanding of student work, as well as to help them conceptualize their role in facilitating a professional learning community in school. In this qualitative design experiment, researchers developed and implemented a set of PDTs to use with elementary and middle school mathematics coaches. The PDTs, with a focus on K-8 probability topics, required coaches to conduct mathematics problem solving, student work analysis, and create a community to reflect individually and collaboratively on such experiences. Qualitative data from the coaches’ self-reflective writing indicated a positive impact of PDTs and work samples illustrated their experiences in the learning process. The structure of PDTs used in the study was synthesized into a framework that could be utilized by coach or teacher educators as a generic tool for professional development.


Mathematics coach; Probability; Problem Solving; Professional Development; Tasks

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Enderson, M.C., Grant, M.R., & Liu, Y. (2018). Supporting mathematics coaches’ learning of probability through professional development tasks. International Journal of Research in Education and Science (IJRES), 4(2), 613-632. DOI:10.21890/ijres.428976


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