Examining the Relationship between Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Self-Efficacy, Attitudes, and Use of Technology to Support Communication and Mathematics Literacy

Karim Medico Letwinsky

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The rich language surrounding mathematical concepts often is reduced in many classrooms to a narrow process of memorizing isolated procedures with little context. This approach has proven to be detrimental to students’ ability to understand mathematics at deeper levels and remain engaged with this content. The current generation of students values technology as a natural, and often preferred method, for communication. These preferences provide teachers a unique opportunity to extend mathematics communication beyond the classroom. This study sought to understand secondary mathematics teachers’ use of communication technology and the relationship between variables that may contribute to a teacher’s decision to integrate technology for this purpose. Using a descriptive quantitative approach, the research investigated the relationship between teachers’ self-efficacy, attitudes, and the use of communication technology in secondary education mathematics classrooms. A total of 90 teachers in grades 7-12 participated. Results revealed a significant relationship between teachers’ attitudes toward using technology for communication and personal self-efficacy (p < .05), yet few reported using technology in this way. An important recommendation from this study is to investigate why teachers who demonstrate key positive indicators for technology integration are not capitalizing on the potential that communication technology provides to cultivate mathematics communication and literacy.


Teacher Self Efficacy; Secondary Mathematics; Technology; Mathematics Literacy

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