Effect of Teachers’ Professional Development from MathForward™ on Students’ Math Achievement

Kristina K Hill, Ali Bicer, Robert M. Capraro

340 106


MathForward™, developed in 2004-2005 in cooperation with the Richardson (TX) Independent School District, was implemented nationwide in 2007. The program integrates TI technology and professional development while focusing on student achievement and teacher efficacy. This study investigated the effect of the MathForward™ program on student achievement scores of Algebra I students from a southeast Texas high school. The specific purpose of this study was to understand whether there was an effect on students’ STARR mathematics scores, accounting for teacher professional development and years of experience. To do this, structural equation modeling (SEM) in M-plus was employed. The result of the present study showed that our model fits well to the data and the explained variance of students’ mathematics achievement (R2 = .14).


professional development; MathForward

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