Teaching Strategies Mediated by Technologies in the EduLab Model: The Case of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Ana Oliveira, Lúcia Pombo

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The EduLab model is a “new” educational model that integrates technologies in educational contexts comprising full equipped classrooms with attractive and easy-to-use technological resources. This model tries to promote a dynamic and more effective teaching and learning process. For this purpose, the model provides teachers training and monitoring in order to encourage innovative pedagogical formats, such as collaborative work, flipped classroom and research-based learning (Pombo, Carlos, & Loureiro, 2015). The current article intends to characterize and analyse the developed teaching strategies with the use of the available technologies, carried out in the subjects of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in a fifth grade class at the Gafanha da Nazaré School Grouping (Aveiro, Portugal). In the Natural Sciences subject, technologies were used, particularly, to support the resolution of work proposals. The research-based learning and collaborative work were implemented as a way to develop skills and “acquiring” knowledge by the students. In some Natural Sciences lessons, flipped classroom method was implemented with significant gains for the students’ learning. In the Mathematics lessons, technologies were especially used to support the resolution of work proposals and oral exposition by teacher. Attending to the specificity of this subject, the implementation of innovative strategies was less frequent.


EduLab model; technologies; teaching strategies; innovation; Mathematics and Science Education

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