The Views of Middle School Mathematics Teachers on The Integration of Science and Technology in Mathematics Instruction

Ceylan Sen, Z. Sonay Ay

344 147


This study was a case study in which the results based on a specific case were analyzed and holistically described (Yıldırım & Şimşek, 2008). 15 middle school mathematics teachers took part in the present study. The participants were voluntary, and they were selected randomly. As data collection instrument, the researchers developed a semi-structured interview form including 5 open-ended questions. The gathered data were analyzed and reported through content analysis method. The results of the study showed that there was a consensus among teachers about interdisciplinary approach and integrating technology in mathematics instruction. Besides, it was revealed that the teachers were not knowledgeable about and trained on how to use technology and how to integrate science in mathematics instruction. The teachers agreed that regarding the integration of science and technology, mathematics curriculum was suitable and sufficient for the time required and for the topics involved. Based on the results of the study, it can be suggested that teachers be trained through pre-service and in-service integration programmes for the integration of science and technology in mathematics instruction.


Mathematics Instruction; Integration of Mathematics, Science and Technology; Secondary School Mathematics Teachers

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