Student Views with regard to the Web-Based Problem Solving Method

Baris Emlek, Ahmet Oguz Akturk

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The purpose of this study is to determine the views of 2nd year students at a university who received the Programming course designed in accordance with the Web-based Problem Solving Method about the said method (WBPSM). The views of 11 students selected from among the 29 students who had taken the course on a voluntary basis were elicited concerning WBPSM. In this study, in which the qualitative research method was used, the semi-structured interview technique was used as the data collection instrument. The interview form, which consisted of 11 open-ended questions, was administered to the 11 students, who had taken the course. As a result of the analysis of the data obtained from the students, it was seen that the students had stated that WBPSM supported individual learning, raised interest in the course, ensured non-spatial learning, increased their self-confidence in learning on their own, gained them problem solving ability, enabled them to assume responsibility in learning, encouraged them investigate, saved time and that it was applicable for other courses, too.


Web-based learning, Problem solving, Qualitative research

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