Developing Kindergarten Children’s Mathematical Abilities And Character By Using Area Instruction Model

Dinny Mardiana, Achmad Mudrikah, Nurjanah Amna

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This study aimed to describe the application of Area Instruction Model on one of the state kindergarten in Bandung city. The study used a qualitative approach with descriptive qualitative design. Data was obtained through interviews, observation, and documentation. The validity of the analysis was guaranteed through perseverance observation and triangulation. There are three conclusions as research results. Firstly, the application include: Planning, namely: semester program, daily plan, and weekly plan; Implementation consisting of: initial activities, core activities, and the final activities; Evaluation, namely: daily evaluation with rewards in the form of direct assessment, and a written assessment according to indicators of mathematical abilities and character development; weekly evaluations; the monthly progress reports of mathematical abilities, character, and theme; and semester progress reports. Secondly, students’ mathematical abilities are at the level: classification, comparison, and counting has developed very well; prior understanding of number concept, the cardinal numbers, and ordinal number has developed according to expectations; while number conservation has developed with the teachers’ guidance. Thirdly, the students’ characters are at the level: gratitude and tolerance has developed very well; respective to the opinion of others and the discipline has evolved according to expectations; and confidence has developed with teachers’ guidance.

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