An Intelligent System for Determining Learning Style

Ali Ozdemir, Aysegul Alaybeyoglu, Naciye Mulayim, Muhammed Uysal

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In this study, an intelligent system which determines learning style of the students is developed to increase success in effective and easy learning. The importance of the proposed software system is to determine convenience degree of the student‟s learning style. Personal information form and Dunn Learning Style Preference Survey are used to collect the data which are analyzed using the techniques of mean, standard deviation and t-test. Gender, age, and year of education are selected as the metrics for evaluation of the system performance.


Fuzzy Logic Dunn Learning Style Artificial Intelligence

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Ozdemir, A., Alaybeyoglu, A., Mulayim, N., & Uysal, M. (2018). An intelligent system for determining learning style. International Journal of Research in Education and Science (IJRES), 4(1), 208-214. DOI:10.21890/ijres.383140


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