Learner Centered Classroom in Science Instruction: Providing Feedback with Technology Integration

Ozkan Yilmaz

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“Learner centered” term points out environments that attention to the learners brings to the educational setting. This term includes teaching practices: effort to uncover what learners think in a specific problem on hand, talking about their misconceptions and, giving them situations to readjust their ideas. In Learner centered classrooms, teachers assess different student for feedback and revision. The two major, summative and formative, assessment reveal individual students‟ progress continually. Teachers, in many classrooms, provide feedbacks to students are relatively rare. Feedback is most effective in learning when students have the opportunity to use it to readjust their thinking. Technology integration, a part of learner centered classroom, is support to providing feedback in effective way. This paper explores the design of learner centered classroom in relation to the interactive technology integration which is based on using mobile technology to provide effective feedback in learning environment. Higher education students used mobile interactive technology with teacher, one term, in misconception in science course. Qualitative research design was used in this research. Focus group interview method was used to get data collecting. The study findings show that mobile technology supports feedback effectively and promote student engagement in the classroom.

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Yilmaz, O. (2017). Learner centered classroom in science instruction: Providing feedback with technology integration. International Journal of Research in Education and Science (IJRES), 3(2), 604-613. DOI: 10.21890/ijres.328091


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